interim dividend

interim dividend
The declaration and payment of a dividend prior to annual earnings determination. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
A dividend declared part of the way through a company's financial year, authorised solely by the directors. Exchange Handbook Glossary

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interim dividend interim dividend dividend

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   A dividend (distribution of company earnings to shareholders) paid in an interim trading period, usually half-yearly but can be quarterly. Authorized solely by the board of directors subject to shareholder approval. ► See also Dividend.

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interim dividend UK US noun [C] (also interim payment)
FINANCE, STOCK MARKET a part of a company's profits that is paid to shareholders before its annual profits have been calculated. Interim dividends are usually paid every six months in the UK, and every three months in the US: »

Shareholders will collect an interim dividend of 1.57p per share for the half year, a 2.6% increase.

raise/increase/maintain an interim dividend »

The group has increased its interim dividend by 10% to 3.3p.


an increase/rise in the interim dividend


to pay/declare an interim dividend


The interim dividend is up 15% to 0.75p, payable on September 7.

Compare FINAL DIVIDEND(Cf. ↑final dividend)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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